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New video lesson - Bar chord overview in under 10 min! 

This tongue & cheek video lesson will give you not only a complete bar chord overview of Major & Dom 7th chords, but will also outline four principles of proper left hand technique that will REALLY help you to become more proficient at this tricky technical subject.  It took me many years to discover these four principles from my own study, but it will only take you 10 minutes to watch it!  (Click the link below to watch)

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Three Big Announcements for 2016 

Click the link "read more" below to watch the video announcement recorded on tour in The Bahamas

The "Headlines"

1. In 2016 I'll be performing & touring worldwide with the beloved sacred chant artist Snatam Kaur.  Her soulful and uplifting mantra based music is a yogic practice in and of itself.  It's an honor to be playing guitar and ukulele with Snatam!   Click HERE to see where we'll be playing in the U.S., South America & Europe

2. SAVE THE DATE - UKULELE ZEN RETREAT: June 12th - 17th 2016 I'm…

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Interview with Rock at Night Magazine 

While touring Florida last week I was interviewed by "Rock at Night", an online music magazine with lots of great stories & interviews. Click below to hear the full conversation...I share about growing up playing Dad's guitar in the woods, Ukulele, Didjeridoo and more.  Many thanks to Chyrisse Tabone and Gail Reynolds for having me as a guest!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN...enjoy!


Video Interview with Jim D'Ville 

If you're a fan of the ukulele, you have probably heard of Jim D'Ville.  Jim is a passionate teacher with brilliant comic timing - and he's a great guy to boot.  He travels across the USA and beyond, tirelessly opening people up to their own musicality.  One thing we share in common is the emphasis on learning to PLAY MUSIC BY EAR - being less reliant on written music & training ourselves to hear melody, rhythm & harmony with fresh ears.  For more about Jim D'Ville's work, CLICK HERE 

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Port Townsend Ukulele Festival: Beatles Riff 

I am currently on day 1 of the Port Townsend Ukulele festival at the northern tip of the Olympic Peninsula overlooking the Puget Sound.  It is so incredibly beautiful here - A perfect setting for community music making and good times!

I wanted to post this short video for everyone who was in the Beatles class today...and of course for you too!  A clarification of the intro riff to George Harrison's "Something" recently posted to You Tube.  Click on this post's title & you'll see the video!

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New Videos!

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